Fishing Reports




Its been an interesting ol time alright! As we move into Level two hopefully we leave level three behind us for good! At least this time has allowed us to chase a few fish, spend time with our bubble people and a few you even won some cash!

The comp was spawned from really the frustrations of not being able to get out on the water and for many of us returning to shore fishing as been a pile of laughs and fun. The comp was run from Saturday to Saturday and attracted 59 anglers, 19 of whom were fishing in the kids section.  It was important that everyone was familiar with the Lockdown rules as the TSFC has been in absolute support of the efforts to keep out Covid 19.

We couldn’t believe it that after 6 weeks of near perfect weather that the next big storm decided to hit right in the middle of our lockdown comp.  The bad weather mid week didn’t even phase a few hardy souls who still managed to get out there with a little help of Mum and Dad.  The lockdown has at least has provided for some great family bonding!


There were some really good fish caught and we reckon a landbased tournament is something the Club should definitely carry on with!

A massive thankyou to our amazing sponsors  GENERATION HOMES, DECORO, INSIGNIA DESIGN, DAVISTA DESIGN who without there support we would not have any cash prizes.


Fishing Report 19th Sept 2018


FISHING REPORT (hauraki FM, The Hits, Radio Sport)

A busy little club over the past weekend with all of the local ramps heaving with trailer boat traffic and many of the launches out too.

Of course two tournaments running right now an through the month of September this being the Tarpaulin Makers Albacore Hapuka Tournament and the Russell Hardie / Marine Reflections Top Gun Challenge with Gurnard now the species of the month.

Hayden Elmsly and his team on Satisfaction got into some nice bluenose in the 6-9kg range while Jason McMillan got on the board fishing on Valhalla landed a respectable 16.12kg Albacore all from High Duty Plastics sponsors grid

There are still some cracker Snapper about too, with Paul Baxter landing a 9.5kg and Aidan Brown a 9.73kg from his kayak, this one topping the leader board in the Russell Hardie / Marine Reflections Top Gun Challenge.

At the Club we have a very busy month ahead with the Interclub Tournament on the weekend of the 29th & 30th September, we need all our troops so sign up now.  Also the iconic Monster Trout Tournament at Lake Rotoiti this kicking off on the 5th October, get your entry and licence now from the great guys at Hamills Tauranga on Cameron Road.  To find out more or to enter any of these great events go tsfc.co.nz

Tauranga Fishing Report 14th June 2018


Voiced for NZME – Radio Hauraki, The Hits, Radio Sport 

Well we were blessed finally with a fine weekend that co-insided with the Hunting & Fishing Snapper Classic giving the 75 anglers a good couple of days on the water.

The teams headed out far and wide as well as some targeting the coastal shallows.  Both Motiti and Mayor were reasonably tough going until a late afternoon bite opened the flood gates on plenty of 2-3kg fish.  On the coast it was the kayaking duo named “Downtown” using nothing but paddle power who secured all of the biggest snapper, the biggest 7.715kg for the comp.   1st, 2nd and 3rd places all went to Michael Brown and average weight toRoss Brown in what commonly known as a white wash!…well done fellas.  Just goes to show you don’t need a big flash boat to catch quality fish.

Also well done to Mitchell Tombleson releasing the biggest snapper for the event, a 75cm beauty, great to see so many released fish this year.

Off shore, the deepwater bluenose cleaned up the wreck fish section. Well done to Vaughan Craven and Graham Burns placing first and 2nd with Trevor McLaughlin taking out the terakihi section with a 1.55kg fish.

Thank you to all of our incredible sponsors that turned out to our Sponsors Evening last night, it was a great opportunity to recap the past year as well as enjoy a some great food and a few drinks.  The money raised last night was another record high, so we are looking forward to the 2018-19 fish year ahead.

For details on all the fish reports and events coming up make sure you visit tsfc.co.nz or catch us on facebook.

Weekly Fishing Report 10th June 2018


Voiced at NZME for Radio Hauraki, Radio Sport.

10th June 2018

Well after some wild and wooley weather it finally looks like we have a ripper of a forecast for the Hunting & Fishing SNAPPER CLASSIC this weekend.  Now this will see around 100 anglers out there chasing those big early winter snapper.  Still good reports off the sand inside of Karewa Island with 18-22m, also inside Motiti in the same depth range, that’s south of the knoll, scattered foul in this area is also worth targeting with the softbaits right now.  The water temp has dropped to a cooler 17 degrees, so over the next month the snapper will thin slightly, so using your electronics will become more important to understand where these Snapper are holding.

Big congratulations to all of our GFAB Trailers Broadbill Challenge anglers, the winning fish going to Tony Dolman, second place Jess Milnes and third Charlie Champness, special thanks to Glass Art and NZ Bayfisher Magazine.

Wednesday next week the Club is hosting all of our sponsors in the Club for an evening reviewing the past 12 months and unveiling plans for the season ahead.  If you are interested in finding out more about the sponsorship opportunities in the Club , come along and enjoy an evening!

To find out more about our great events and or to contact us go to www.tsfc.co.nz

Tauranga Fishing Report 3rd May 2017


(Heard on Hauraki FM, News Talk ZB and Radio Sport.)

The latest temp drop has seen fewer boats on the water but the coastal fishing right now is firing so it’s well worth making the time to hit the water with a good jacket and a beanie!

Good snapper sign and catches still being reported from Matakana, Omanu and Papamoa East areas with 10-20m of water being the zone to be scouting your bottom sign on the sounder. The early morning sessions have been the most productive albeit blimm’in cold.  Autumn soft baiting can be outstanding with patterns such as shrimp and squid vicious working well just by leaving them on the bottom and twitching occasionally, this is also a good technique for gurnard which should be showing up more regularly from now. The best colours are the natural colours like greys browns and camo’s.

Offshore – A quiet week for gamefishing but that could change with the start of the GFAB Trailers Broadbill Challenge. This event gives game fisho’s the ability to chase broadbill swords for whole month of May. Its exciting stuff and you can enter any time in May through the Club or on the website tsfc.co.nz


Catch ya next week!



FISHING REPORT 18th March 2017

Hauraki FM, Radio Sport, News Talk ZB.

Not much fishing going on last weekend with Cyclone Cook bringing a decent swell that really stirred the coast up. The last couple of days though have seen more boats on the water with good coastal results on snapper and plenty of kahawai around also all inside of 20m on both the Matakana and Papamoa beaches. Nice Kingies to 15kg taken from the Astrolabe Reef and smaller kingies in the 10-12kg range falling to both live baits and jigs off Schnoor Rocks.

Offshore the recent rain has discoloured the water a bit but with good temperature and still plenty of skippies off Tauranga in the 70-80m range it’s still well worth chasing marlin. No game fish results over the past few days but we would expect more action over the coming days as we see more boats on the water.

Coming up at the Club we have the month long GFAB Trailers Broadbill Challenge. This kicks off on the 1st May and is proudly supported by Decoro, NZ Bayfisher Magazine and Stoney Creek. You can enter any time in May, and to find out more on how to fish this event call into the Club or visit us on tsfc.co.nz



TAURANGA FISHING REPORT 30th MARCH for Hauraki FM, Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport.


The Mount ITM Billfish Bonanza finished up last week with some really nice weather through the weekend are some hot fishing off west and north sides of Mayor Island. Now Friday and Saturday saw good marlin action with 5 fish being tagged and two landed including a 150kg Black Marlin to Mitchell Tombleson off Bandit. This fish giving Mitchell his billfish grand slam something only 1 other angler has achieved in NZ. A number of nice albacore tuna where also landed over the weekend the biggest going to Charlie Moores off Andros with a respectable 12.94kg fish. A masiive thanks to our sponsors GO FUEL, NZ Bayfisher Mag, Shimano NZ. Click here for MOUNT ITM Billfish Bonanza Results –  BF 2017 Results


In the harbour the evening snapper fishing has been really good lately, with numerous boats parking up and enjoying good snapper sessions right into the evening hours. The past week has been better fishing on the incoming tide with the edges along middle bank in the harbour producing snapper to 50cm.  Bonito and mackerel stray-line baits being the best baits. Now I alsways say it…take lots of berley will give you a massive advantage, as without it your baits can get ignored in the 2-3 knots of current

Coming up on the 8th April is our OKUMA take a kid fishing. Fun for all the kids 3-16 years with lots of prizes and trophies for our kieen young fisho’s Entries and details out now from the Club or tsfc.co.nz


Tauranga Fishing Report 17th March 2017


RADIO REPORT 16th March 2017 (Hauraki, News Talk ZB, Radio Sport)

Well what a week of rain we have had, all this water flushing the harbour and turning it to that Cadbury milk chocolate brown.

Prior to the rain the harbour snapper fishing even in the day time was keeping our dinghy fisherman happy reporting nice tallies of 35-45cm fish, so fingers crossed we see this again as the waters recede.

On the coast the Snapper fishing hasn’t been as consistent, however after the NE winds and the swell a few days ago this can change things quickly so I definitely recommend a softbait session along Matakana and start in 10-15m of water.

Now over the sand a good sounder is a very handy tool as snapper schools can move, so firstly locate the fish, set your drift and plot where you have been so you can drift these same areas if you are successful. Now soft bait colour choices, we always start with Camo or Nuclear chicken and they always seem pretty good.

Coming up at the Tauranga Sport Fishing  is the MOUNT ITM Billfish Bonanza on the 24th -26th March , it’s our last bluewater hit out and after the north east winds the fishing could fire! Details and entries from the Club or TSFC.co.nz



FISHING REPORT  8th March 2017 (for Hauraki FM, Radio Sport, Talkback and the Hits)

Last week was all about the 2017 A1 Homes ONE BASE. With a full house of 100 teams we had 370 out there in mostly beautiful conditions. All of these anglers were searching for the biggest fish that Bay of Plenty had to offer.  Congratulations to all of our contestants especially Lawrence Flude from the boat Gulfseeker landing the biggest fish for the event, a 225.8kg Blue Marlin taken out of the Orange Corporation sponsors grid.  The largest Striped Marlin of went to Cobar II with Aaron Paku the angler here, Tidal light in second and Bacchus a close third.

Solid kingfish again came of the team Wai Whare boat and the largest Tuna going to Matt Miller off Night shift with a plump 23.8kg Yellowfin Tuna.

This year 9 anglers were rewarded handsomely for tagging and releasing their marlin. Also it was great to see the measure and release king fish and snapper hotly contested. Thankyou to all of our wonderful sponsors especially A1 Homes and Bay Insurance Brokers and the Port of Tauranga.

Coming up and not to be missed is Mount ITM Billfish Bonanza on the 24th-26th March. And after all of these easterlies it could just be prime time for our local gamefish. Entries and details for this one at tsfc.co.nz

Tauranga Fishing Report 4th Feb 2016


Radio Report for HAURAKI FM, The Hits, Radio Sport;

Offshore, sea surface temps have been creeping upwards and we have seen our first marlin through the Club with a 107kg stripey to the fellas off the trailer boat Renegade.

The All About Construction Tournament last weekend when well with a mix of conditions over the three days. Overall tough fishing for the blue water species although Ocean Warrior managed a 30,6kg Club record Short billed Spearfish and the Aquarius team hit pay dirt going 4 from 4 on yellowfin all around that 20kg mark. Thanks to Wet & Forget, Maui Ocean Products and Duncan Reality for the great support through this one.

In the harbour, the change of light fishing has really improved after the new moon, with bait and berley efforts in the shallows rewarding those who are getting out, the best tides have been the last 2.5 hrs of the incoming, and channel fishing 1-2 hrs before low. Best baits pillies and blue mackerel fished on long straylines.

Next weekend is the Bridgeman Concrete fishNchicks Tournament, briefing is Thursday 9th Feb. Awesome live entertainment on Saturday night and don’t forget your fancy dress. Iphones, cash and wicked prizes to be won. Ladies don’t miss out on this one; Details and Entries from the Club or TSFC.co.nz