Benefits for Club Members

The Club provides a warm family friendly environment with ample parking with the following facilities available to members and guests

  • Bar, Lounge and Restaurant
  • Pool table
  • Patio and upstairs viewing/sun deck with magnificent views of Tauranga Harbour and the Mount
  • Small conference room available for hire

The following is provided for members

  • Free presentations and seminars (generally boat/fishing related)
  • Membership of NZSFC and use of VHF Channel 3
  • Free NZ and World record claims
  • Free Club and NZSFC year books
  • Bands
  • Wine Tasting
  • Happy hours
  • Membership draws on Club nights (Thursday)
  • Raffles on Club nights
  • Annual Ham draws
  • Use of Clubrooms along with reciprocal visiting rights to other NZSFC and IGFA Clubs both NZ and overseas.

Membership Types & Fees

Once your application is received it will be posted in the Clubrooms for a period of thirty days. The approval of membership shall be by a majority of the Committee present at the Committee Meeting at which the candidate's admission is considered. The Committee shall consider any objection lodged prior to the candidate being approved.

* Membership Categories Family
Husband & wife/partner plus children up to the age of 17 years
One adult only. 18 years and over
Family 65+
One adult aged 65 years and over, and their Husband/Wife/Partner.
Senior 65+
One adult aged 65 years and over.
One child to the age of their 17th birthday on an individual membership
Junior Adult
Person 17 years of age to the date of their 18th birthday
Joining Date 2 Ad + 2 Jnr
September$170.00$135.00$140.00$105.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
October$160.00$127.50$132.50$100.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
November$150.00$120.00$125.00$ 95.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
December$140.00$112.50$117.50$ 90.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
January$130.00$105.00$110.00$ 85.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
February$120.00$ 97.50$ 102.50$ 80.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
March$110.00$ 90.00$ 95.00$ 75.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
April$100.00$ 82.50$ 87.50$ 70.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
May$ 90.00$ 75.00$ 80.00$ 65.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
June$ 80.00$ 67.50$ 72.50$ 60.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
July$ 70.00$ 60.00$ 65.00$ 55.00$ 20.00$ 20.00
August$ 60.00$ 52.50$ 57.50$ 50.00$ 20.00$ 20.00


Special Membership

  • Day Angler Adult: $ 20.00
  • Day Angler Junior: $ 1.00
  • Corporate:  $400.00 for the first 10. $40/each for additional members.

Membership FAQs

If joining part way through the year, you only pay the remaining portion of the membership fee. The membership year is 1 September to 31 August

A one-off joining fee of $40 is also payable for new memberships. During the month of September the joining fee of $40.00 is waived.

Not only are children allowed in the club, we encourage members to bring them but do ask that they are properly supervised at all times.

Members are responsible for any guest they bring to the Clubrooms.  You may bring as many guests as you like but you can only bring the same guest a maximum of three times in one year.  All guests must be signed in the Visitor’s book which is located in the foyer of the club.

As a family club, a reasonable standard of dress is required, i.e. no sleeveless singlets (evening), no dirty work boots, gumboots, no bare feet, no smelly fish clothes. Hats can be worn in the Club (bar, deck).  Hats must be taken off in the restaurant area. No beanies or hoodies up.

Please contact us to arrange an offline payment.

Please read our club constitution here