Fishing Reports

Tauranga Fishing Report 18th November 2016


Radio Report for Hauraki FM, News talk, Radio Sport and ZM.

Offshore the Kingies have started pushing bait schools to the surface around Mayor and Okuparu Reef with  Schnoor Rock also worth scouting this time of year.  The best colours for surface lures  are  green / gold, silver or grey /black have been working ok as kingies start to silhouette hunt .  If you are going out regularly you will find there are consistent bite times, with afternoons usually the best time as the sun is high in the sky and bait fish easier to see from below.  If you are fishing for kingies in the deep jigs have been working, but still try and get a bin of livies in the morning as they are hard to beat.

Inshore still good Snapper over the sand down Matakana and Papamoa, however if you are targeting the bigger ones this weekend it will be hard to beat a big oily bait and berley session on sun up or sun down around some likely reef structure like the Motiti knoll, town Point or Plate Island , Thos would be my pick.

Decoro Snapper Kingfish Tournament is on this weekend, in conjunction with Rockgas Tauranga and Bayfisher Magazine, and it is perfect time of year to target big fish, we should see some nice fish in both the measure and release sections and at the weigh station. The Furuno Snapper World Cup is being competed for. Briefing is at 6.30pm Friday and Prize Giving at 6.30pm Sunday see you at the Tauranga Sport Fishing Club.

Tauranga Fishing Report 10th November


Rolys Report for Hauraki FM, Newstalk, Radio Talk Back, 

The November equinox winds have kicked in this week and as they pulse through the Bay of Plenty it can make getting out on the water a bit tough, so the next few weeks will be about grabbing those fine settled days to make the most of the spring fishing.

Snapper fishing overall remains pretty good on the coast, in the past week Matakana Island, Papamoa and inside of 15m at Motiti Island all reporting good snapper sessions. The weed edges in particular have been performing well so a tip here would be to set up your berley trail running into or along a reef edge. You will want to see plenty of current, and from here start straylining.  Pillies and bonito strips have been great baits, if the fish are not solidly on the bite maybe tie your baits on if they are getting stolen.

Coming up at the Club is the Decoro SNAPPER KINGFISH Tournament on the 19/20th November in conjuction with Rockgas Tauranga & NZ Bayfisher Magazine. Also on is a seminar from the Decoro lads along with fathom lures – get down and have a go on the fish fighting simulator too Thurs 17th Nov. Kicking off at 6.30pm.

For more details on all of this go to

Tauranga Fishing Report 4th Nov 2016


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A fresh push of snapper looks to have improved fishing in the harbour with these fish moving right up in the mangroves and shallows past Omokoroa. Snapper can often rush into the habour to taking advantage of a crustacean hatch or explosion of another food source becoming available, and it’s not uncommon to see where snapper have been digging right into knee deep water.

Reports over the past week from the small harbour boats suggest some great after work sessions (with the longer days) although these guys are always a bit cagey on detail, though I do know the use lots of berley, and best baits are blue mackerel and pilchard.

Offshore the kingies that have been a bit patchy around Mayor however should get more consistent as we move into November and there are often some big ones around, so make sure you are using good gear. The west side and south sides producing best. Don’t forget to throw in your topwater gear as bust up’s can start to happen from now through summer as Kingies chase congregating jack mackerel.

Coming up at the Club – On Thursday 10th November our Salt Kitchen with Mills Reef Winery are serving up their 7 course Wine and Food challenge. Outstanding food & wine, tickets are limited and just $75.

Also on the 17th November we have the lads from Decoro in the Club with their Fishing Simulator PLUS Fathom Lure guys giving us the low down on how to catch and play big fish, so if you want to improve your technique, swing in as things kick off at 6.30pm.

The next fishing tournament is of course the DECORO SNAPPER KINGFISH TOURNAMENT on the 19th-20th November. To find out more click here!

Come and see us.

Tauranga Fishing Report – 27th October 2016


Its a great time of year to secure a nice mixed bag if you are just using a basic ledger or flasher rig, as these do well on almost any species including trevally, terakihi, snapper and gurnard have all been in healthy numbers over the past weekend and mostly caught inside of 30m!

Matching your hook or rig size to the species you are targeting is a great tip, another is to throw a strayline boat out the back as if the fish are timid you find find the big ones will stay out the back.

Now if you are new to the Tauranga area sometimes finding fishing spots can be tough, however on a busy day it’s not hard to see where all of the main patches of reef are as all of the boats are sitting on them. REMEMBER though to be be considerate as no one likes other boats coming in too close when you are enjoying a fish. Much of this inshore structure although low is expansive so find some sign on the reef edge, anchor the boat and get fishing. You don’t catch fish by driving around the ocean looking at your sounder! The best baits over the weekend were quid and sanma.

Coming up at the Club is the Decoro SNAPPER KINGFISH Tournament on the 19-20th November, with 3 trophies up for grabs and loads of wicked prizes from the lads at Decoro. Not only have they got all the best advice for catching Snapper & Kingfish they can sell you a measure mat (which you should have for the event!

Tauranga Fishing Report – 21 October 2016


As featured on Radio Hauraki, ZM, Radio Sport, News Talk.

As water temperature nudge upwards both on the coast and in the harbour snapper, fishing has been improving with both the entrance, also the harbour well worth a fishing right now.

The harbour shallows and channel edges on the last 3 hours incoming tide are the places to be inside the harbour. Pump lots of berley and be patient. You will get the best results from fishing the change of light, running a fluorocarbon leader with the best baits being blue mackerel and pillie.

Also just outside the harbour entrance has been also holding good numbers of nice pann size snapper. You will need to position yourself inside of the A marker and again berley is critical. Now the out going harbour tide is the big attraction for snapper as it drags food from the harbour and delivers it to the waiting predators such as snapper, kahawhai and trevally. Use weighed strayline rigs and select your weight carefully so you know your bait is running along the ocean floor.

Coming up at the Tauranga Sport Fishing Club on the 26th October we have the Shimano NZ team and Tony Orton presenting all of the new gear for 2017 and all of the tips and tricks they use for smashing big fish. More details at

Tauranga Fishing Report 14th October 2016


TSFC Fishing Report for Radio Hauraki, Newstalk ZB, Radio Sport, ZM 

Offshore the up and down nature of the weather has at least allowed a couple of boats out wide with the good news being the deep water fishing has been producing nice Blue Nose.

Now Blue nose will usually live beneath 200m and can grow regularly to 20kg with the average size being more like 10kg. Now you want to be fishing a 24-37kg set up (that’s rod, reel and line) with 36oz of lead, with a ledger style rig with recurve hooks. The best baits right now are bonito and squid.

The Kingfish on the southside of Mayor are starting to fire nice and early, so jiggers, casters and livebaiters it’s a good time to be testing your gear as the bigger fish usually show themselves late October/ November.

The tournament season is suffering a rough start with the InterClub between Mount Maunganui and the Tauranga Sport Fishing Club now cancelled. Coming up is the Decoro Snapper Kingfish Tournament 19/20th November, this will be a ripper so look out for details in the Club and online at

Tauranga Fishing Report 6th October 2016


ROLY’s Fishing Report – 6th October 2016

–Hauraki, The Hits, News Talk, Radio Sport —

The 3 day Monster Trout weekend being a huge success with most of the 53 anglers choosing to fish the Lake Rotoiti waters. With overcast skies and the odd bit of rain the opening day fired with overall 103 trout being weighed and twice this amount released. The largest a 4.1kg Brown trout to Mitchell Tombleson on board the Waka. This fishery is in fine form with the average size again up on last year at 2.13kg.

Thank you to Hamills Tauranga, Pine Sawmills, and Kilwell for your continued generous sponsorship.

Other than the fresh water fishing very little activity coastally due to the squally weather. Masses of kahawhai hugging the coast that are feeding up the current whitebait and smelt run. If your after some light fly fishing sport or easy softbait action 10-12 m of water both along Papamoa and Matakana Island are the place to go.

Coming up on the 15th and 16th of October is the Inter Club tournament against Mount Maunganui, so we want as many members as we can to get involved. Also on the Wed 13th October at 6.30pm we have Rick Pollock in the Club as our guest speaker talking about tournament tactics. It’s free so we will see you there!








The Monster Trout event continues to be somewhat of a galvanising event for members that ordinarily spend most of their time sea fishing and it must be said for a bunch of salty sea dogs we really did quite well!We were lucky this was not another ocean event as the spring squally weather continues to upset fishing plans across the country. This time however we were contained to the inland waters of the Eastern Region with the epicentre of tournament activity based on Lake Rotoiti.

The fishing was again three days with a biggest difference being the Friday fishing fell into the 2015-16 season. This being the case the new season fishing didn’t kick off until Saturday, a day that would bring a bit of everything. Wind, rain, sunshine and loads of fish!

Most of the teams managed to get on the waters of Lake Rotoiti before sun up and the skies lightened on October the 1st the well-rested rainbows and brownies turned their attentions to feeding. With repetitive hooting and shouting coming from all directions and most of the waving being done with landing nets, it certainly was a special morning of trout fishing. Infact I don’t know of anyone that didn’t catch a fish this opening weekend that was on a boat, and when the average size was well over 2kg that is great fishing anywhere in the world.

53 anglers from our Club (slightly up on the 45 last year) weighed over 100 fish this year and conservatively released 2-3 times this number. Most of these fish were 2-4 year old which is the secret to a put and take fishery well managed by Fish & Game.

Most of the teams fished really hard and with a few beers on the Saturday night and yet another early start Sunday our prize giving back at the Club was a rather subdued affair due to most tanks running on empty!  Kilwell’s blinged out prize pool topped up by loads of BNT automotive spot prizes went down a treat. Topped off only by the awesome glass art from Colins photography. Congratulations to all of our contestants and winners, a most enjoyable weekend!

Lastly, Thanks so much Deryk Nielsen our weighmaster, The Dolman family for their wonderful hospitality, Hamills Tauranga (great to have Stacey there), the team at Kilwell and to Colin McKenney and BNT Automotive our new sponsor!


Tauranga Fishing Report 30th September 2016


(Hauraki / Talkback & Newstalk ZB – 30th Sept)

The big swells last week have stirred up the inshore waters and brought the snapper on the chew along the coast and at Motiti.

Pick your weather carefully if you are heading out and there is no need to go far, with the small trailer boats this past week scratching a good feed of snapper, gurnard and kahawhai inside of 20m along the Omanu – Papamoa coast.  Both softbaiting and strayling have been productive at Motiti with brighter colours such as pink and chartreuse softbaits doing the damage on the snapper. The usual winter baracoutta problems are still present, so be prepared to move a bit if they show up.

Now if the coast is a bit rough, bring that bait and berley back into the harbour and try straylining the channel edges and back into some of the harbour structure like marker poles, as there is still the odd snapper around also those big trevally who live in the harbour year round.

This weekend is of course Monster Trout weekend, where we have Tauranga Sport Fishing members descending on the Rotorua lakes for the opening of the new trout fishing season.  We do accept late entries and all members are welcome. For details on this event and up and coming hit our events page at

Tauranga Fishing Report- 23rd September 2016


(on Radio Hauraki, News Talk, Radio Sport – Fri/Sat/Sun)

A cool blast this week has kept most boats at home this week but is leaving us with a better weather forecast for the weekend.  Sooo the Mount Motorcycles Albacore Hapuka Tournament can finally get a start!

Rumours of albacore have been circulating the past week so it will be good to get boats on the water and finally get fishing. Now Albacore are a temperate water species that will turn up when the water temps range in the 17-18 range in the Bay of Plenty and these early fish are usually large in the 10-20kg range. They are well worth catching too with white flesh, and are commonly referred to as Chicken of the Sea. If you want to check out what’s coming in the weigh station at Sulphur Point we will be operating 4-5pm this Sunday.

Next weekend is the opening of trout fishing around the country and it’s no coincidence that we time our Monster Trout tournament for this weekend. Always a great social weekend of fishing and plenty of yarns about the “one that got away!” Tickets available from Hamills Tauranga, to find out more visit our website or give us a call at the Club.