2019 Hirepool Trailer Boat Tournament Report


2019 Hirepool Trailer Boat Tournament Report


It was wonderful again to see the Fishing and Adventure syndicate of sponsors back again this year, and with such great sponsor support it was obvious the prize table would again be stacked high with incredible prizes.

Its seems every year the trailer park on Sulphur Point just gets busier and busier, and this year was no exception.  With stellar weather from Boxing day the ramps were once again heaving with activity and with marlin and spearfish being caught in the days prior to the event there was certainly a good buzz around the timing.

Once again this year the early focus was on the weather and with a bit of a blow showing 15-18knots from the south west, and it really didn’t look bad enough for a postponement.  Annoyingly Friday, our first fishing day greeted us with a strong wind advisory but with anglers already on the water, it was up to our skippers to make the right safety calls for the teams and assess the changing conditions themselves.  The sou’wester did still provide plenty of fishing opportunities with many of the species on our schedule inshore.

So all in all 126 anglers battled what were some challenging conditions.  155 fish were entered into the tournament, one third of these in the Honda Measure and Release section.  The longest kingy stretching out to 113cm for angler David Hunt while the longest Snapper was caught measured at 72cm and released to claim 1st place longest snapper!


In the weigh sections the heaviest Snapper was caught by Scott Parry from the Fishing & Adventure show weighing in at 9.78kg (Scott also took 3rd with a 5.36kg fish!) and junior Tyler Speed featured strongly with a 7.005kg snapper.

It was nice to see the wreck fish category competitive again this year with 14 fish the best a 17.2kg Bluenose caught by Joe Gordon of Mangawahi Mitress.  Darren Richardson managed the winning the kahawahi and Sharryn Clark the biggest in the Skipjack section.

Congratulations also to Hayden Speed and the Mayhem team for their fantastic hero shot winning the Raymarine Hero Shot for 2019, and likewise congratulations to all of our anglers for competing and enjoying this years Hirepool Trailer Boat event. Finally a shout out to all those skippers who did a great job keeping your people safe on the water!

To see all the tournament and hero images check out the Tauranga Sport Fishing Club Facebook Page!


A massive thank you to our wonderful sponsors Black MagicOkuma, Honda Marine, RaymarineSurtees Boats, Topcatch, Wet & Forget and NZ Bayfsher Magazine.





With the weather gods smiling on us for the weekend we were able to confidently call this years Snapper Kingfish tournament ON.  However those same weather gods played a sneaky hand by serving up close to 20 knots of wind on a variable 5 knot forecast for the first day.  With teams tucked away at Motiti, Mayor and White island the later part of Saturday, these northerlies sent many teams in early and forced the others to seek a bit of shelter. Sunday was much better and allowed the boats to spread out and with this came some stunning results with the hard work that was put in.

Overall the fishing reports varied considerably from team to team with many finding the coastal fishing tough over the sand.  This was in contrast to those teams targeting snapper over reef structure with reports of spectacular soft-baiting and solid snapper in the 40-60cm region both around Motiti and Mayor with Plate Island fishing pretty well also. It was so good to see more and more anglers releasing their Snapper and nice for our sponsors and us as organisers to know these events don’t always need to impact heavily on local fish stocks to be regarded as a successful event.  The top three release Snapper were absolute beauties measuring 74, 75 and 76cm respectively with the winning fish going to Aidan Brown of In Pursuit.  In the weigh category there were only 15 fish weighed (versus 18 in the M&R!) With the best of these pulling the scales down to 10.695kg and caught by Jamie Lee fishing on Reel Heaven.

The kingfish fishing had been pretty good at Mayor and Schooner over the weekend, with anglers talking about how the top-water fishing had been hotting up and how much of the fishing had been extremely visual.  The flip side of this is the bronze whaler populations anecdotally looked to have increased with many hooked kingies this past weekend unfortunately falling to these veracious predators.  The longest kingie category this year went to Kyle Erikson fishing off Elevar (114cm) who not only picked up an incredible Accurate fishing combo but also took home the Dave Foley Memorial trophy.  Only 2 kingies weighed in versus 22 in the measure and release, with the biggest weighed being awarded to Jason Hamlyn fishing off Riba.

It was great to see so many of you back at the Club on Sunday for prize giving and enjoying the lucky draws and atmosphere.  Finally a massive thankyou to our sponsors namely Decoro, Rockgas Tauranga, NZ Bayfisher Magazine and Okuma NZ!

2018 Snapper Kingfish Results





After the disappointing lost last year there was always a steely resolve among our anglers, that this year would be different.  The comment was made by so many anglers that the great prizes on offer from Penn and Decoro were only really a distraction in terms of what was the goal, that being to bring the Shield back to our Club.

The rivalry between the Mount Club and ours is truly alive and well with the competition now into its 24th year.  Club dominance has been a hall mark of this competition with early domination from Tauranga then for a long spell the Mount dominated 2007-2014, the Tauranga SFC only picking up in a win in 2015, a cancelation in 2016 and then the loss in 2017.

This year the fishing was tough going, however there were some outstanding results. Notably the sizable snapper this year, with all the top ten being over 5kg and the top 3 all over 9kg. The crew on King Hit were on fire dominating both the Kingfish and Trevally sections.  The Tarakihi were also dominated by Tauranga boats as was the Gurnard and John Dory categories.  The communication this year among our interclub group was outstanding ensuring no holes in the species schedule were left unplugged.

So…this year I’m thrilled to announce that the Tauranga Club has won back the Interclub shield in emphatic fashion.  Turning up with 99 anglers versus 54 for the Mount, it was always going to be a tough task for the defenders.  After the dust settled it was a complete white wash with the Tauranga SFC recording 291 points versus the Mount’s 134.

Having so many keen and committed anglers on the water this year was the difference.  Now with two trophy victories a piece for each Club over the last five years, the flip flop nature of who wins the Shield only makes the importance grow year on year.  The sense of pride among our group was clear on Sunday evening, so well done everyone.  So enjoy that well-deserved beer, and let’s enjoy the moment BUT make it a promise to return next year and defend our log’o wood.


1st Cody Burdis 22.64kg Mount 1st Carey Wilson 9.865kg Mount
2nd Cody Burdis 16.78kg Mount 2nd Mason Achison 9.276kg Tauranga
3rd Lee Thomson 10.24kg Tauranga 3rd Te Pua Russell 9.072kg Mount
1st Charlie Champness 4.54kg Tauranga 1st Adam Harvey 3.07kg Tauranga
2nd Charlie Champness 4.12kg Tauranga 2nd Russell Harvey 2.925kg Tauranga
3rd Hayden Speed 3.955kg Mount 3rd Rod Barnett 2.79kg Mount
1st Anthony Hedgeman 1.64kg Tauranga 1st Steve Vercoe 1.225kg Tauranga
2nd Marty Saunders 1.56kg Tauranga 2nd Murray Wooster 0.994kg Tauranga
3rd Mark Armistead 1.49kg Tauranga 3rd Jason Hamlyn 0.888kg Tauranga
1st Charlie Champness 23.48kg Tauranga 1st Luke Dolman 2.15kg Tauranga
2nd Michael Wheeler 17.44kg Tauranga 2nd Mark Cairns 2.05kg Tauranga
3rd Michael Wheeler 16.02kg Tauranga 3rd Winston Cox 1.985kg Mount






Hunting & Fishing SNAPPER CLASSIC Report June 2018


Hunting & Fishing SNAPPER CLASSIC Report June 2018


Well we were blessed finally with a fine weekend (after weeks of dud’s) that co-insided with the Hunting & Fishing Snapper Classic, this giving 75 anglers the opportunity to get out there a good couple of days on the water.  This past Saturday was an absolute pearler that saw the ramps teaming with trailers and the marina carpark full.

So with such nice weather the teams headed out far and wide as well as some targeting the coastal shallows.  Both Motiti and Mayor were reasonably tough going until a late afternoon bite opened the flood gates on plenty of 2-3kg fish.

On the coast down towards Rogers Road it was the kayaking duo named “Downtown” using nothing but paddle power who secured all of the biggest snapper, the biggest a 7.715kg for the comp.   1st, 2nd and 3rd places all went to Michael Brown and average weight to Ross Brown in what commonly known as a white wash!…well done fellas.  Just goes to show you don’t need a big flash boat to catch quality fish.

Well done to Mitchell Tombleson releasing the biggest snapper for the event, a 75cm beauty.  It always pleasing to the M&R section getting more popular with plent of fish released this year to fight another day!.

Off shore, the deepwater bluenose cleaned up the wreck fish section. Well done to Vaughan Craven and Graham Burns placing first and 2nd with Trevor McLaughlin taking out the terakihi section with a 1.55kg fish.

So a wonderful few days on the water for most, with most anglers returning with a healthy feed for the families. Well done to all of those anglers that weighed fish and of course a big thankyou to the team at Hunting and Fishing Tauranga (and Scotty for making it to prize giving!) The Finnor, Daiwa, Coleman prizes went down a treat as did the stunning H&F clothing!





The stage was set again for that exciting time of year when the 80W mono sets get switched out for the deep drop sets, concrete bricks and diamond lights.  The Broadbill Challenge was back and with an exciting twist, with the help of Bay Insurance Brokers we were going to offer a $10,000 cash prize for the first Sword caught over 250kg.  Of course the fish needed to be caught inside chart and in accordance with IGFA rules.  Statistically it looked like a longshot as there had only ever been one fish caught over this mark in the Clubs 95 year history, this going to L Chinn back in 1969. What we do know is that these fish exist in our waters and although not abundant, it presented the perfect challenge.  Better yet, it was considered by a few that the 250kg benchmark was somewhat achievable, with the recent improvements in our knowledge of these fish, the gear and of course the techniques.

Clearly many of you thought that this target was achievable at this year as this year we had 89 hardy anglers sign up for the challenge versus just 39 last year.  The wonderful prizes were also somewhat of a motivator from Decoro, Stoney Creek and NZ Bayfisher and of course those fantastic trophies from Glass Art.


May 1st and day one produced a lovely day seeing a few boats rolling out and it didn’t take long for the phone to ring with news of the first tagged sword down in FMT Mortgage Finance #13 by Cody Joss on board Matilda, this one hooked at 11.20am and taking just 20minutes to the boat.  What a great start!  Things stepped up a gear at 3.15pm that same day with a call from the lads on King Hit indicating that they were hooked up to a nice one in High Duty Plastics #24.  This was landed just before 6pm and with the guys struggling to get it in the boat, questions on landed started to fly as to whether this was a contender for the 10k!  Late Tuesday night this fish pulled the gantry scales down to 174.7kg in what could be described as almost the perfect start to the event and the bar being set high from the first day.

The next weekend although the weather was not the kindest the entire comp was “chomping at the bit” to get out and it looked like that many of the teams were making the effort.  The 4/5th May produced some nice fish over the weekend with Dayle Lee getting a nice fish on a night bait. I understand this was the first time the guys on Fin Finder had tried this, and boom! This fish tipped the scales at 93.1kg.  Brothers in Arms struck the next day with an almost identical fish weighing 92.8kg landed by Jason Beck after an hour on the rod, all these again out of High Duty Plastics #24.  Further north Jans Decision also had a bite at 2.45pm, this one being tagged after an hour and eventually ended up being the last tagged for the comp.

The 12th May saw Isaac Holmberg on Elevar hit the mark hooking and landing a nice 98.9kg broadbill out of Walling Enterprises.

The weather interruptions have become standard part of trying to fish through May, with the regular storms causing frustrations as anglers become shore bound and we had to wait another week for the next proper window before the next fish, and the wait was worth it!!!

  For more photos CLICK HERE




Thanks to everyone that turned out for this years Snapper Kingfish Tournament. After a shocking weekend last weekend and the postponement to the 25/26th we were blessed with a much kinder forecast and some pretty good fishing.  The boat ramps were chocka this past weekend and when we get the good weather the fishing options and possibilities open up with teams spreading themselves right through Chart 54 in pursuit of the longest and heaviest snapper and kingfish.

This year was the second year of the measure and release format with Decoro and its proving to be a winner. Not only do we kill fewer fish, in general we find that the bigger fish are being released as the best prizes reward the longest fish versus weighing. We are thrilled to be running an event with 124 anglers who are “on-board” with this concept and it’s a great look for the Club to be running events such as these.

Congratulations to all of the winners also to those that just turned out, got among the fishing action and just enjoyed yet another great comp at the Club !

A massive thanks to Kane and Gina from Decoro for all of your assistance with the fantastic prizes, also Jodie from NZ Bayfisher Magazine Stu and Karina of Rockgas Tauranga  for the ongoing support!

Snapper-Kingfish 2017 RESULTS


OKUMA Take a Kid Fishing 2017


OKUMA Take a Kid Fishing 2017


For all the Photos CLICK HERE

It was a brisk sou’easter that greeted the kids on the Saturday morning, but it was barely noticed as the anticipation for the Okuma Take A Kid Tournament was running at an all-time high. A round of hot chocolates before anchoring was a must to keep the energy levels up, then it was into rig tying and bait cutting and would somebody get the blimm’in berley in the water!

85 kids hit the water this year, well up on last year with the improving forecast and perhaps the good inshore fishing of late attracting extra kids. This comp is the kids time to shine, and they sure do! What a difference a year makes in the development of our juniors! Is so cool seeing them listening, learning and improving their skills and being successful on the water.

A special mention must go to Jovanna Pillay who always does well in this comp, but more specifically has earned herself another two NZ Junior records for Kahawai in the 8 and 15kg categories and continues to make her Club proud!

There was a noticeably large turn-out in the 3-7 year old this year, arguably the cutest age group especially when you dress them up in fancy dress! The participation factor in the dress up this year was outstanding with pirates, Spanish flamenco dancers, super heroes, sea cadets, jelly fish…certainly all the bases were covered!!!  Good representation too in the 8-12 and 13-16 ages groups with these kids now having some real skills at catching fish, notably snapper and kahawai being plentiful at the weigh station this year.

The real heroes of these events though are the Mums, Dads, Grandies, Aunties and Uncles that turn out to support the kids, in what we reckon is the best sport on earth, and judging by the massive smiles going around the kids in the Club on Saturday evening, I think they reckon fishing is pretty cool too!  Good to see our future is in good hands.

Thank you again to Okuma and all of our other sponsors including Barclay engravers who again did a wonderful job of the trophies (no doubt all proudly displayed in bedrooms around the region!) Also thanks to all of the families who attended the prize giving. It was nice to see all the kids getting something to take away, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year where we can do it all again bigger and better hopefully !!!




This year’s Billfish Bonanza was pulled forwards a week in the hope of striking better fishing, but as luck would have it this season has been so late, it sort of feels like the gamefishing is just  getting going and the timing is spot on!

We have had a pretty good run this season in staging tournaments in what has been an unsettled summer with lots of wind rain and high seas. But yet again we scrapped in by the skin of our teeth before another NE storm. In fact Saturday was perhaps the best day of the season with massive bait balls turning up on the 100-120 on the western side of Mayor and “the secret” was well and truly out with area attracting boats from Tauranga, Waihi and Tairua and Whangamata. By no means were the fish limited to this area though with some of the boats fishing north towards the Aldie Rise coming across a few Stripies. Fixation managed to tag a couple (congrats Phil Eynon!) and Ocean Warrior in the same area lost a double of nice fish. In fact there were a number of fish dropped over the entire weekend with the final overall tallies being quite low especially given the fact the there was a fair amount of action on the radio.  Well done also to Kane De Ratt on Cosmo and Gavin Parnwell on Crusader both also managing to tag striped marlin, all taking away Talica combos from Shimano for their efforts.

A few albacore around filled in for the absence of any large tuna with Charlie Moores off Andros managing a nice 12.94kg model, followed by Sam Tingey off Sterling Belle. No Mahimahi or Short bill Spearfish either this year so these prizes were lucky drawn much to the delight of the anglers at prize giving!

As with most of our events this year there is always a lead story and this must go to Mitchell Tombleson fishing on Bandit. The boys put in some serious time on the baits and the patience and belief paid off when they hooked a Black Marlin on Saturday. After a moment of reflection Mitchell soon worked out not only had he caught an amazing fish, this fish was in fact the missing piece in his Billfish Grand Slam. On looking up the qualifying weights it was noted the fish needed to go 150kg to qualify. Like something written out of a Hollywood script the team took the fish to the TSFC weigh station where it pulled the scales down to exactly 150.00kg! Unbelievable and meant to be you would have to say! Congratulations Tumbles on your pending Billfish Grand Slam! The Black Marlin also took out the heaviest fish for the MOUNT ITM Billfish Bonanza this year with James Scott’s 114.5kg Striped Marlin coming in second place.

Congratulations to all of the 145 anglers this year, a great turn out and by all accounts lots of fun on the water this year. Also our biggest thankyou of course must go to MOUNT ITM and GO FUEL for their generous support next year let’s get you guys fishing!




Overall Results

Wed 1st – Sat 4th March 2017


Squid   Jamie Lee Men At Work Squid 0.755 10 High Duty Plastics
Gamefish by Junior – 1 Draydon Layne Ocean Warrior Albacore Tuna 11.280 37 Glass Art
Gamefish by Junior – 2 Draydon Layne Ocean Warrior Mahi Mahi 6.420 60 Glass Art
Gamefish by Lady Melissa Woodcraft-Ball Crank Shortbill Spear Fish 24.00 37 High Duty Plastics
Snapper Longest Geoffrey Layne Ocean Warrior Snapper 77.5CM M&R 10 High Duty Plastics
Heaviest 1 LUCKY DRAW          
  2 LUCKY DRAW          
Kingfish 1st Longest Michael Vincent Tunacious KingFish 113.00CM M&R 37 Champness Roofing
Heaviest 1 Neville Marsh Wai Whare KingFish 25.70 37 GFab Trailers Custom Alloy
  2 Kerry Clark Wai Whare KingFish 20.700 37 GFab Trailers Custom Alloy
Mahi Mahi -1 Lawrence Stewart Non Pareil Mahi Mahi 9.340 37 Middle M Mowing & Weed Spraying
Shortbill Spearfish   Lance Gray Crank Short Bill SpearFish 27.200 60 High Duty Plastics
Tuna 1 Matt Miller Night Shift Yellow Fin Tuna 23.800 37 High Duty Plastics
  2 Sarah Hamilton Ocean Monarch Albacore Tuna 13.320 24 Middle M Mowing & Weed Spraying
  3 Louise Stewart Ocean Monarch Albacore Tuna 12.720 37 Middle M Mowing & Weed Spraying


TAG & RELEASE MARLIN Michael Nelmes Prowler Striped Marlin T&R 37 Orange Corporation
  David Colhoun Silver Crest Striped Marlin T&R 37 High Duty Plastics
  Francis Richards Island Girl Striped Marlin T&R 37  
  Kevin Stephens Courageous Striped Marlin T&R 37 Orange Corporation
  Bailley Pellow Eagle Rock Striped Marlin T&R 37  
  Trish Cavanagh Aspire Striped Marlin T&R 60


Jeff Scott 4 Ray Marine
  Nathan Rei Kairos Striped Marlin T&R 37 Port of Tauranga
  Darron Connelly Savana City Striped Marlin T&R   High Duty Plastics
  Roger Thorpe Magnum Striped Marlin T&R 37 High Duty Plastics
First Tagged Marlin Darron Connelly Savana City Striped Marlin T&R   High Duty Plastics
Last Tagged Marlin Bailley Pellow

Off Eagle Rock

Striped Marlin T&R 37  
Most Tagged Marlin Presented by Kevin Flutey LUCKY DRAW        
StripedMarlin 1 Aaron Paku Cobar II Striped Marlin 116.800 37 High Duty Plastics
  2 Regan Oliver Tidal Light Striped Marlin 104.500   Robert Page Engineering
  3 Richard Dearsly Bacchus Striped Marlin 95.200 37 High Duty Plastics
Billfish 1 Lawrence Flude Gulfseeker Blue Marlin 225.800 37 Orange Corporation
  2 LUCKY DRAW          
  3 LUCKY DRAW          
  4 LUCKY DRAW          
Team T & R Billfish LUCKY DRAW
Champion Boat Gulfseeker – Lawrence Flude – w Blue Marlin 225.8KGS in Orange Corp















1 x SQUID @ .325kg




TIME:                       #:               NAME:                                  ANGLER:                                                          GRID:              RESULT: 

14:50                       #88           TIDAL LIGHT                     REGAN OLIVER #365                                  RPE#2            HOOKED UP / LANDED STRIPED MARLIN / 95.2KG

12:40 (DAY 2)      #48           ULTIMATE BRANDYS     KEVIN PEAKE #125                                    BOPM             HOOKED UP / LANDED STRIPED MARLIN / 90.0KG
15:08                       #76           SOUTHERN CROSS          RICHARD CRAVEN #212                            HDP24           SNAPPER C+R PHOTO / 46.5CMS

11:56 / 12:15      #1              BACCHUS                             RICHARD DEARSLY #4                               HDP17           DOUBLE HOOK UP / STRIPED MARLIN LANDED /95.2KG

8:19 / 8:28            #39           OCEAN WARRIOR            DRAYDON LAYNE #95                                GA#12            HOOKED UP  / ALBACORE LANDED / JUNIOR  / TBWT

15:38                       #39           OCEAN WARRIOR            DRAYDON LAYNE #95                                RPE#2            HOOKED UP / MAHIMAHI LANDED / JUNIOR / TBWT





?                                 #24            AQUARIUS                           MATT CROSBY #282                                     OC#9               HOOKED UP / MAHIMAHI / TBWD4

?                                 #61            OCEAN MONARCH            LOUISE STEWART #170                               MMM              HOOKED UP / ALBACORE
?                                 #61            OCEAN MONARCH            SARAH HAMILTON #295                             MMM              HOOKED UP / ALBACORE

7:44 / 8:24               #62            KAIROS                                 NATHAN REI #318                                         POT                 HOOKED UP / STRIPED MARLIN T+R

10:32 / 10:44          #61            OCEAN MONARCH            LOUISE STEWART #170                               HDP17            HOOKED UP / SPEARFISH LANDED

10:41 / 11:00          #84            BARTENDER                       BRAD PEDERSEN #363                                 RPE#2             HOOKED UP / ALBACORE

11:23                        #5              COSMO                                 JOSH GIBSON #12                                          GFAB               HOOKED UP / MAHIMAHI

11:23                        #5              COSMO                                 JASON HAMLYN #316                                   GFAB               HOOKED UP / MAHIMAHI

11:23                        #5              COSMO                                 BRENT BURMAN #317                                 GFAB               HOOKED UP / MAHIMAHI

11:52 / 12:00          #79            FREELANCE II                     DEAN SUNDBORN #242                               HDP17            DOUBLE HOOK UP / ALBACORE

11:52 / 12:00          #79            FREELANCE II                     RAYMOND GREEN #240                               HDP17            DOUBLE HOOK UP / ALBACORE

12:10                        #21            ASPIRE                                  TRISH CAVANAGH #49                                 JSRM#26        HOOKED UP / STRIPED MARLIN T+R

12:58                        #13            SOLACE                                #228                                                                  HDP24            HOOKED UP / ALBACORE

12:58                        #13            SOLACE                                #165                                                                  HDP24            HOOKED UP / ALBACORE

12:58                        #52            WHOPPA STOPPA              #139                                                                  HDP17            HOOKED UP / ALBACORE

13:01 /13:38           #24            COBAR II                              AARON PAKU #154                                        HDP#24          HOOKED UP / LANDED STRIPED MARLIN FOR DAY 4

13:13 / 14:05          #31            PROWLER                            MIKE NELMES #76                                         OC#9               HOOKED UP / STRIPED MARLIN T+R

2:10 / 14:07            #45            GLENDARA                          MIKE NELMES #76                                         HDP17            HOOKED UP / SPEARFISH LANDED

14:31                        #93            CRANK                                                                                                                                       HOOKED UP / ALBACORE LANDED

2:10 / 14:07            #55            MOONDANCE                     GRAHAM DISHER #148                                HDP17            HOOKED UP / ALBACORE LANDED

14:31                        #55            MOONDANCE                     RICHARD BRYAN #173                                 HDP17            HOOKED UP / ALBACORE LANDED

15:22 / 15:50          #91            MAGNUM                             ROGER THORPE #346                                   HDP24            HOOKED UP / STRIPED MARLIN T&R

16:34 / 16:45          #24            AQUARIUS                           MATT CROSBY #282                                     HDP24            HOOKED UP  / ALBACORE

16:57                        #83            WAI WHARE                       NEVILLE MARSH #277                                  GFAB               HOOKED UP / KINGFISH LANDED

16:58                        #16            MISTIQUE                            JONO GAVEY #279                                                                  HOOKED UP / MAHIMAHI LANDED

17:35 / 18:30          #8              EAGLE ROCK                       BAILEY PELLOW #309                                  #17                  HOOKED UP / STRIPED MARLIN T+R




11:39 /11:47           #15            FIN ADDICT                        DANIEL MARSH #34                                      HDP#24          HOOKED UP / KINGFISH (M+R)

1:30                           #15            FIN ADDICT                        RICHARD BURLING #33                               HDP#24          HOOKED UP / KINGFISH (M+R)

13:57                        #63            COURAGEOUS                     KEVIN STEPHENS #177                                OC #9              HOOKED UP / T+R STRIPED MARLIN