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Tauranga Fishing Report 17th March 2017

RADIO REPORT 16th March 2017 (Hauraki, News Talk ZB, Radio Sport)

Well what a week of rain we have had, all this water flushing the harbour and turning it to that Cadbury milk chocolate brown.

Prior to the rain the harbour snapper fishing even in the day time was keeping our dinghy fisherman happy reporting nice tallies of 35-45cm fish, so fingers crossed we see this again as the waters recede.

On the coast the Snapper fishing hasn’t been as consistent, however after the NE winds and the swell a few days ago this can change things quickly so I definitely recommend a softbait session along Matakana and start in 10-15m of water.

Now over the sand a good sounder is a very handy tool as snapper schools can move, so firstly locate the fish, set your drift and plot where you have been so you can drift these same areas if you are successful. Now soft bait colour choices, we always start with Camo or Nuclear chicken and they always seem pretty good.

Coming up at the Tauranga Sport Fishing  is the MOUNT ITM Billfish Bonanza on the 24th -26th March , it’s our last bluewater hit out and after the north east winds the fishing could fire! Details and entries from the Club or

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