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Tauranga Fishing Report 18th November 2016

Radio Report for Hauraki FM, News talk, Radio Sport and ZM.

Offshore the Kingies have started pushing bait schools to the surface around Mayor and Okuparu Reef with  Schnoor Rock also worth scouting this time of year.  The best colours for surface lures  are  green / gold, silver or grey /black have been working ok as kingies start to silhouette hunt .  If you are going out regularly you will find there are consistent bite times, with afternoons usually the best time as the sun is high in the sky and bait fish easier to see from below.  If you are fishing for kingies in the deep jigs have been working, but still try and get a bin of livies in the morning as they are hard to beat.

Inshore still good Snapper over the sand down Matakana and Papamoa, however if you are targeting the bigger ones this weekend it will be hard to beat a big oily bait and berley session on sun up or sun down around some likely reef structure like the Motiti knoll, town Point or Plate Island , Thos would be my pick.

Decoro Snapper Kingfish Tournament is on this weekend, in conjunction with Rockgas Tauranga and Bayfisher Magazine, and it is perfect time of year to target big fish, we should see some nice fish in both the measure and release sections and at the weigh station. The Furuno Snapper World Cup is being competed for. Briefing is at 6.30pm Friday and Prize Giving at 6.30pm Sunday see you at the Tauranga Sport Fishing Club.

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