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Tauranga Fishing Report – 27th October 2016

Its a great time of year to secure a nice mixed bag if you are just using a basic ledger or flasher rig, as these do well on almost any species including trevally, terakihi, snapper and gurnard have all been in healthy numbers over the past weekend and mostly caught inside of 30m!

Matching your hook or rig size to the species you are targeting is a great tip, another is to throw a strayline boat out the back as if the fish are timid you find find the big ones will stay out the back.

Now if you are new to the Tauranga area sometimes finding fishing spots can be tough, however on a busy day it’s not hard to see where all of the main patches of reef are as all of the boats are sitting on them. REMEMBER though to be be considerate as no one likes other boats coming in too close when you are enjoying a fish. Much of this inshore structure although low is expansive so find some sign on the reef edge, anchor the boat and get fishing. You don’t catch fish by driving around the ocean looking at your sounder! The best baits over the weekend were quid and sanma.

Coming up at the Club is the Decoro SNAPPER KINGFISH Tournament on the 19-20th November, with 3 trophies up for grabs and loads of wicked prizes from the lads at Decoro. Not only have they got all the best advice for catching Snapper & Kingfish they can sell you a measure mat (which you should have for the event!

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