After the disappointing lost last year there was always a steely resolve among our anglers, that this year would be different.  The comment was made by so many anglers that the great prizes on offer from Penn and Decoro were only really a distraction in terms of what was the goal, that being to bring the Shield back to our Club.

The rivalry between the Mount Club and ours is truly alive and well with the competition now into its 24th year.  Club dominance has been a hall mark of this competition with early domination from Tauranga then for a long spell the Mount dominated 2007-2014, the Tauranga SFC only picking up in a win in 2015, a cancelation in 2016 and then the loss in 2017.

This year the fishing was tough going, however there were some outstanding results. Notably the sizable snapper this year, with all the top ten being over 5kg and the top 3 all over 9kg. The crew on King Hit were on fire dominating both the Kingfish and Trevally sections.  The Tarakihi were also dominated by Tauranga boats as was the Gurnard and John Dory categories.  The communication this year among our interclub group was outstanding ensuring no holes in the species schedule were left unplugged.

So…this year I’m thrilled to announce that the Tauranga Club has won back the Interclub shield in emphatic fashion.  Turning up with 99 anglers versus 54 for the Mount, it was always going to be a tough task for the defenders.  After the dust settled it was a complete white wash with the Tauranga SFC recording 291 points versus the Mount’s 134.

Having so many keen and committed anglers on the water this year was the difference.  Now with two trophy victories a piece for each Club over the last five years, the flip flop nature of who wins the Shield only makes the importance grow year on year.  The sense of pride among our group was clear on Sunday evening, so well done everyone.  So enjoy that well-deserved beer, and let’s enjoy the moment BUT make it a promise to return next year and defend our log’o wood.


1st Cody Burdis 22.64kg Mount 1st Carey Wilson 9.865kg Mount
2nd Cody Burdis 16.78kg Mount 2nd Mason Achison 9.276kg Tauranga
3rd Lee Thomson 10.24kg Tauranga 3rd Te Pua Russell 9.072kg Mount
1st Charlie Champness 4.54kg Tauranga 1st Adam Harvey 3.07kg Tauranga
2nd Charlie Champness 4.12kg Tauranga 2nd Russell Harvey 2.925kg Tauranga
3rd Hayden Speed 3.955kg Mount 3rd Rod Barnett 2.79kg Mount
1st Anthony Hedgeman 1.64kg Tauranga 1st Steve Vercoe 1.225kg Tauranga
2nd Marty Saunders 1.56kg Tauranga 2nd Murray Wooster 0.994kg Tauranga
3rd Mark Armistead 1.49kg Tauranga 3rd Jason Hamlyn 0.888kg Tauranga
1st Charlie Champness 23.48kg Tauranga 1st Luke Dolman 2.15kg Tauranga
2nd Michael Wheeler 17.44kg Tauranga 2nd Mark Cairns 2.05kg Tauranga
3rd Michael Wheeler 16.02kg Tauranga 3rd Winston Cox 1.985kg Mount